Kalashnicarver Customs

This is labor intensive work. Therefore orders take time. Nearly 1/4 of orders ship in the one month range if they are commonly requested items that we can batch make. Customized orders and more complex items can take around 3 months to get to.

 Your order will be made specifically for you as long as you are patient, and 

reasonable. Please have realistic 

expectations. *not all requests are worthwhile or reasonable. Please reach out BEFORE ordering if you have a weird or wild idea.

Check our Ready-To-Ship section to see what's in stock.

USE COUPON CODE "RAW" to get 5% off any unstained order with no finish. *Unfinished doesn’t get you ahead in line . 

Know Before You Order



When placing an order, pick the items closest to what you want and leave a detailed note at checkout.

Custom requests are subject to price changes.


We are currently working on a large backlog of orders, so wait times can last up to 4 months. Thank you for your patience!


We will be in touch with everyone who has placed an order with us. Our primary method of communication is Email. Communication is essential in making sure that you get exactly the furniture that you want. If we don't hear back from you, we will make your furniture to as close as possible to the specifications on your order notes.


In the event of an order cancellation, we will retain a 3% credit card fee and a 25% restocking fee.


We believe it's better that a handguard or stock need to be forced on rather than be loose. However, there are a wide variety of receiver dimensions and you may have to shave a small amount of wood off of stock or handguard nubs in order to install. Please contact us if you have fitment issues.

ATTENTION! We make everything by hand, therefore orders take time and we always have a waitlist. For production efficiency reasons, orders are grouped by rifle type. Orders can take 2 weeks up to 4 months to get to, so please don't place an order if you aren't willing to be patient and reasonable. Unless we tell you otherwise, your furniture has already been test fitted by the time we start sanding it, sometimes twice. However no two Aks are identical, even if they are the exact same model. As an ak owner you need to be prepared to do minor fitment work with a file, razor knife, or rotary tool. IF you aren't comfortable with that, ask us for guidance or take it to a local fine woodworker who will be more qualified than your local gunshop AR assembler.

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Micro Draco Fin
Micro Draco Fin

About Us!

One-of-a-kind AK furniture manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

We handmake custom hardwood firearm furniture to fit your needs. As every item is made-to-order, it may take up to 4 months for you to receive your order. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns! Thanks for supporting small business!